The layout is the first to be built by G0GG with a different emphasis to our previous portable 7mm layouts. It attempts to represent a ‘living’ model railway which imbues both character and atmosphere. Special attention has been paid to both the realistic operation and lifelike scenery.

The length of the layout is 8.4 metres comprising 7 baseboards, each of 1.2 x 0.7 metres with the rail surface 1.1 metre above floor level. The scenic area of the layout is on 5 baseboards and 2 baseboards contain the Fiddle Yard (cassettes) at one end. It is planned to construct a backscene 200mm deep to be attached to the rear edge of the scenic baseboards and the outer end of the layout.

The layout has been designed and built to represent a terminal station at the end of an ex LMS single track branch line that serves a fictitious town in the north Cotswolds. Click the button below for more details.

Wednesleigh is a DC operated layout which requires a team of 3 to operate. The running sequence is based upon a set of movements derived from a Working Timetable (WTT). Alternative running sequences are planned to offer a variety movements for public displays. All rolling stock running on the layout belongs to individual G0GG members.

Currently the layout is operational but there are scenic elements to complete. Wednesleigh can now be viewed at our Open Days.

Layout Photos

Show Date :  23 November 2024 - 10.00AM TO 4.OOPM
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