Test Track

This is one of the most used features of the club. It is typically up and running every alternate club night (twice a month).
The test track is 8.4m x 4.8m and consists of 5 loops, each independently controlled. Four tracks are of fine scale format, two of which are connected via points for testing purposes. The innermost loop has track of coarse scale format and is wired for two or three rail operation.
The layout normally operates in DC electrical format using the club’s Helmsman controllers.  A club owned DCC controller can be fitted to loop 2 if this method of operation is required.
This layout is used by most club members to test out newly built locomotives and stock, or even those just purchased. It is also used occasionally for special running events such as American/Continental sessions.  

Layout Photos

Show Date :  23 November 2024 - 10.00AM TO 4.OOPM
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